Commercial Services

Approachable and with fresh thinking, The Wellington Makerspace team can help you create that special point of differentiation from your competitors: If it’s graphic based or 3D modeling, or you like the idea of getting your ideas from paper sketch, into the digital world and then into the physical one – or if you have projects needing Laser cutting or etching, 3D printing or CNC profile machining – we can help you!

Your One-stop shop.

    • We can help you brainstorm, & secure buy-in for your ideas
    • design, & prototyping
    • deliver proof of concept and limited run
    • Project manage in-house, outsourced or Overseas manufacture.

Email or call, or even just drop in.

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For Schools

Are you an educator looking to get up to speed on new computer based fabrication tech like laser cutters, Vinyl cutters, CNC routers or 3D printers

The Wellington Makerspace Team is absolutely committed to empowering people through knowledge and experience, and we are completely sincere when we say that we value education for everyone.

By providing inexpensive technology workshops, Professional Development and also helping provide feedback and guidance to Government agencies – our ultimate aim is to close the technology ‘have-have not’ gap for the betterment of both New Zealand and maybe the World. Please click this link for more information

We also welcome and praise open-mindedness and fully support the chance to make genuine learning mistakes -we love discussions and have been told many times that people have no fear of being ridiculed for their ideas/offerings!

Personal safety is paramount for great learning and as such, all our staff are NZ Police vetted with a full background check if working with vulnerable and/or  young people.

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We have new experimental filmaments in stock...trouble is we don't know if they're any good or not or even... fb.me/2UNLTyamd

It's online for tonight... Makerbot 2X dual extrusion... fb.me/2OCG2KhA5

Ta da.... Makerbot 2X dual extruder courtesy of Ricoh [NZ] fb.me/3pSTOZwqo

We have a new toy to play with... Courtesy of Ricoh [NZ] who have generously provided us a Makerbot 2X for our... fb.me/1JkLF2Tsr

Zuni gets to grips ..geddit? gets to grips...aw nevermind. fb.me/133PmD7RW

If you like Coffee...we have our small in-house roastery providing for all your yummy coffee needs... head on... fb.me/2kpyfFyOm

Time flies .. why not learn some stuff so you can make your own cool gadgets to put on Kickstarter or Pledgeme? fb.me/2luelwuFV

Here's a little something we did for Wellington Zoo and Saatchi&Saatchi..you may have seen it around town ;) fb.me/2MXhz6EVp

last chance saloon for tonight with Katy&Nick - the Illustrator Gurus... fb.me/2WZM4Dz4l

Ok Arduino nuts.. The Wellington MakerSpace has been invited by the good folks at Victoria University to demo... fb.me/33l2ovV2c

I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "Robots Club" fb.me/FQxm0TTu

We have a new tutor for this Thursdays workshop and it will be just awesome>... fb.me/19s1hgXyH

Does anyone have a DSLR with a macro lens they would like to sell?

3D printers in Noel Leeming? Wow. The landfills better brace themselves for the tons of crap plastic rabbits,... fb.me/6DHKiuhr0

ooooo what's that I spy in YOYOs window? Why is it a lonesome Birdbox cos all the others have flew out the door? fb.me/3gRJsCQHB

Welcome to our new full-time residents Scott and Aaron - developing apps n stuff apparently. fb.me/28ix4EXFI

Hey - who wants to come and work with us? Give Lee a shout at lee@wellingtonmakerspace.com

Training day #1: fostering entrepreneurialism in the technology classroom. Working with forward thinking school... fb.me/2PP4BOSQG

last chance saloon - come play with some cool stuff tonight.. sculpting > real life model? Easy! fb.me/2Imlt4LTs

"Ahhhhh jurst lurve the smell of filahment in tha eveeening!" - well that quite a poor delivery of such a great... fb.me/1gcum65OS


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