About | The Wellington Makerspace

We are a talented team of designers, engineers, educators, electronic wizards and above all artisans. Having an awesome network of reliable suppliers and contractors… we aim to be the no. 1 go-to agency for supporting your creative project from start to finish, and on time and on budget!

It really doesn’t matter how quirky or complex the project – in fact the more unusual, the better!

One-stop Agency

  • Do you need any help with conceptualising, designing and making that weird and wonderful -but hard to get across- creative idea?
  • Need help with digital to physical, digital or electronic prototyping of products? Signage? POS? Forensic Crime-Scene Scanner, Spaceship cockpit, Unity VR project?
  • Need a point of difference in your business? We have experience with many diverse industries, products and services – let us help you!


We promote creative technology use in schools and institutions working alongside educators in two ways:

  1. Modelling teaching and learning in facilitated class workshops
  2. Professional development through one-on-one, small group and large group workshops
  3. Supplying technology, like 3D printers and laser-cutters. With training.

We work with you to develop bespoke, authentic and integrated lessons that work with whatever systems or practices you currently have in place. We take a constructivist approach and all our lessons incorporate an inquiry process with a strong focus on defining need, doing research and the eventual presentation of the work.  Download our Education Brochure (PDF 800kb) for more details.



We also run casual night workshops on design, engineering and craft. Subscribe to our Meetup page to be updated on when then happen:


Even better, run your own workshops here – email us with your idea.


  • Do you live in an apartment and love to build, but don’t have the space?
  • Like community? Sharing ideas? making things? Coffee?
  • Love to share knowledge and help others with their projects?

We have a purpose renovated and tooled up collaborative workspace – ready and waiting for your creativity!