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Our aim is to get low cost fabrication technology to everyone and especially into our schools but there’s lots of junk out there and landmines to be aware of. However, it’s not rocket science and the machines are pretty straight forward especially if you have the right support :)

A quartet of digital fabrication machines just like a Makerspace – so great for learning/teaching the skills needed for the “Thingiverse” of tomorrow.

The Wellington Makerspace is proud to have found all the major problems with the so-called cheap Chinese lasercutters and CNC routers! We’ve had the issues, absorbed the costly downtime, felt the pain & we’re certainly experts in issue resolving now – and that’s just something we’re not prepared to share with anyone – the pain, that is!

During the past 2 years we’ve worked hard to find the right kit at the right price – we have had zero funding, nowt, nothing, zilcho! We’ve designed and made things and people have suported us for our skills & teaching work we do but because we’re a growing company we have had to look in alternative and affordable places for all our operational gear. In that quest, we have found some awesome stuff that we thought could help with teaching our kids resiliance and maybe help cultivate the skills they are going to need for the future!

TE6040L Laser Cutter.

What we would like to share first off, is a superb little 60W 600mm x 400mm laser cutter/engraver [rotary engraving too!] for less than half the cost of a USA built machine. We’ve thrashed it and we love it! So much so we would like to see one in every NZ school, Fablab, Noho Space, Makerspace and Library, if they’ll let us! – These are just superb for the price!

TE6040 600 x 400 60W

Available for outright purchase, short or long term rental option complete with finance -  we won’t just sell you a machine to make a quick buck! We’ll deliver to your premises, install and then, if you decide you need it – we’ll provide Professional Development training and classroom support to make your experience a complete and comfortable one. Dare we even say enjoyable?

If your machine goes wrong for whatever reason – we’re nice people – we won’t leave you in the lurch

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TE720V Vinyl Cutter/Plotter.

If the Cap-ex or Op-ex budget won’t stretch to buying or leasing a laser cutter or CNC Profile Router? Do not worry, we have a solution for every budget and skill level!

Let us point you to our awesome range of very affordable CNC Vinyl Cutters. These are available right away, are easy to master and will allow many similar learning skills as a laser cutter – and the students will be able to watch as the magic happens and the machine creates awesome graphics just like the pros!

Introducing the TE720E Vinyl cutter/plotter. Very easy to use software – teach cartesian based vector/raster skills fast, safe for all ages – hidden, cheap and easily replaceable blades that can cut vinyl (and some other thin materials) for making classroom graphics, signage, murals, screen-prints, T-shirts, coffee/tea/juice bottle stickers and heat transfer variants for that permanent fix – plus many, many more low cost projects!

Available in 720mm to 1500mm operating widths.vinyl cutter_TE720E


TE9060R CNC Machining Centre/Router

This full-on little prototyping and production machine will let fly to the imaginations of students and their 2D and 3D concepts – be it designing and making future-furniture, olde-world statues, models, vacuum forming moldings or jigs for other projects – or even using some of the same models/files as the 3D Printer to a different effect

These machines are available in varying bed sizes from 600mm x 400mm [mini] to 2500mm x 1300mm with commercial grade outputs and can profile [2D] cut plywood, MDF, acrylic, PETG and many more common & cheap to source  materials. Being very versatile, the TEXXXX[R] series machines can also (3D) carve wood, plastic, foamed PVC and also aluminium too! Add the Rotary axis and an applicable 4-axis software package and just watch the Iron Man suits roll off the production line!

Mini cnc router_extracted


We use our CNC router everyday in innovative ways to create cool products and points of difference for our design & build professional clients  – it’s easy and very intuitive to use & we’re sure the students will love pushing their boundaries and yours doing real stuff on real machines – not using toy-like, mega-slow technology designed for selling into schools.









3D Printer Options – The awesome UP! Mini and UP! Plus 2

Further details coming real soon about a new arrival flavour of 3D printer – but lets just say for now, that these wee guys are fantastic and The Wellington Makerspace Design team makes some great pieces with our UP! Mini and UP! Plus machines. We also support and can supply consumables i.e. spare parts and the various build filaments for – so we have you covered!

Up_Plus2_3D_Printerup mini