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Cutting, Engraving & 3D Printing – CO2 Laser, Vinyl Cutting & 2D/3D CNC Router/3D Printer – we do it all!

Once you have your design [the tricky bit] or idea formulated [even trickier] and ready to go we can make it reality [the easy bit!] – but if you’re not quite at the ready to go stage or are at the “I know what I want in my head…but I would like some assistance” – we can do that too! This initial phase is perhaps the most overlooked part of any project and can take the longest and cost the most & short leadtimes can result in rushed jobs and extra costs too!

Please also remember that we’re to help make your dream come true and hopefully delight you with the finished product and our recommendation is not to skimp on this early critical time or to do it on the cheap with free software! The old adage about getting what you paid for may come to mind! Bad files and broken vectors will take time to clean up- eroding the ever precious budget.

Having experience of many unique projects, from small laser jobs to massive public sculptures has given a reasonable idea of how your project will be made and planning the manufacture up front is one of the major hurdles for us to manage client budget expectations and engaging us right away will save on any possible re-work and increased costs, and we may even be able to give you some ideas for material options or construction techniques that you may not have thought about in your intial concept ideas.

Keeping all that in mind, lets assume that after we have completed an agreed design phase or your supplied concepts and project brief are perfectly understood – in order to be able to process your artwork we’ll need a reference of some sort & we can use almost anything – from paper and pen sketches to full CAD design drawings and 3D models. Our preferred and most stable file formats are DXF, PDF, Ai and JPG/Bitmap [for 2D work] and .obj/.stl [3D work] – but we find it is always good to send us your file in a few different formats. Please include all necessary information, for instance, sizes and materials -or just give us a call.


We can process – 2D/3D

  • Acrylic – Any thickness
  • Wood
  • Stamp Rubber
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Cloth
  • Leather (up to 3mm) although very stinky and very slow…
  •  Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Plastics other than acrylic e.g. PETG, Alclad, Paylight, ABS, Foamed PVC…


Cost Structure [excluding design and finishing]:

Laser Processing: 

$2/min + setup + material + GST [if we do your job]

$45/half hour booking + any materials Including GST – SELF DRIVE OPTION. Please note you must have attended our Intro to lasers workshop prior to applying for self-drive.

Surcharge for  Leather/Rubber (and other especially stinky materials)



CNC Routing 2D/3D/4D –

$145/hr + materials/jigs + setup + GST

3D printing [in house, FDM] –

$5/hr + 0.40c/g + GST


Please note that for large run production jobs we can offer discounts – please talk to us about your particular requirements.


Helpful Websites

You can download ready files for laser cutting from Thingiverse

or if you’re into card/paper art, why not try

Into stuffed toys? Want to wow the kids? Try this :)

Or just try Google> “lasercutting”, “CNC Routing”, “3D Printing”…

Happy Holidays...
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