3D Printers | The Wellington Makerspace

3D Printer Options – Let’s just say we’re fans of everything digital fabrication and distributed, easy and fast manufacturing. Where would be be without mentioning 3D printing or ‘additive manufacturing’ as it’s correctly termed.

We don’t mind what product you use as long as your creating value and moving us forward, but we sell and supprt a few model models which work really well in our studio and so they’re probably worth mentioning:

1) The awesome UP! Mini and UP! Plus 2

We have made heaps of stuff with ours and they are the proverbial bunch of awesome! These wee guys are fantastic and The Wellington Makerspace Design team have pushed the boundaries with our own UP! Mini’s and UP! Plus machines & lets not forget that the machine is only half of the story – the software is oh-so important and we love it’s easy load, 1 or maybe 3 clicks and you’re printing… and UP! guys have it perfect! No slicing or dicing, no working out your build material – it really is soooo simple!

Email us for pricing – it changes really often 😉

We also support and can supply consumables i.e. spare parts and the various build filaments for – so we have you covered!



Up! Plus 2.    UP! Software



2) The all new UP! Box

The UP! Box is as awesome as they come. Massive build chamber and superb detail on everything we’ve printed so far!

Uses the same great software as it’s smaller brethren – the Up! mini and Plus 2!

UP! Box