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TEXXXXR series CNC Machining Centre/Routers

These full-on prototyping and production machines will let fly to the imaginations of students and their 2D and 3D concepts – be it designing and making future-furniture, olde-world statues, models, vacuum forming moldings or jigs for other projects – or even using some of the same models/files as the 3D Printer for a different effect!

These machines are available in varying bed sizes from 600mm x 400mm [mini] to 2500mm x 1300mm with spindle powers ranging from 800W to 3kW! and can profile [2D] cut plywood, MDF, acrylic, PETG and many more common & cheap to source  materials. Being very versatile, the TEXXXX[R] series machines can also (3D) carve wood, plastic, foamed PVC and also aluminium too! Add the Rotary axis and an applicable 4-axis software package and just watch the Iron Man suits roll off the production line!


We tell the whole truth..

We tell the whole truth..


We use our CNC routers [almost everyday] in innovative ways to create cool products and points of difference for our design & build professional clients  – they’re easy and very intuitive to use & we’re sure the students will love pushing their boundaries and yours, making real stuff on real machines – not using toy-like, painfully-slow technology designed for selling into schools. Say no the classroom bottleneck!

We won’t tell you porkies or sell you a dud machine and hide when (more like if) the phone rings… the above shows our actual TE6040L demo machine – how it should look!

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Our current stock of CNC routers:

TE6040R (600mm x 400mm, 800W spindle) pricing
TE6040R: See me in action!